Young Enterprise 2016: BayLife

As part of the national Young Enterprise Programme, Penrice’s aspiring young business men and women will be competing to sell their products against 11 of the county’s schools and colleges.Bay Life

Students will sell their newly created products at a Christmas Fair on Sunday December 11th 2016 at Lemon Street Market, Truro

BayLife are Penrice Academy’s Young Enterprise Team, a group of Year 10 and 11 students who have created an organic clothing company.

Cameron, one of BayLife’s Directors, said: “Our products are organic clothing. We are releasing our first range of t-shirts at the December Trade Fair.  Our focus is about people buying less, to choose well, and make it last. People buy too much as a disposable society and it is an important part of business to use sustainable and organic products”

The team, William, Harrison, Brandon, and Amber, have been working hard on designs and templates and raising their profile, working on promotional material including the website, currently in design.

You can visit BayLife on Saturday, December 11th 2016 at Lemon Street Market, Truro.

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