Years 7 & 8 Enjoy Curriculum Enrichment Days

Years 7 and 8 took time out from their usual school timetable from Wednesday 9 June to Friday 11 June in order to take part in Curriculum Enrichment Days.

The programme included a range of activities, including one full enterprise day focussing on responsible consumerism, along with two days of life skills workshops including first aid and lifesaving, alcohol, drugs, online safety, and positive relationships.

Enterprise Days

Wednesday 9 June saw Year 8 take part in the Enterprise Day focusing on sustainability with topics including:
– Renewable energy
– Fast fashion
– Food

The students learnt how effective campaign skills can influence decision makers and were challenged to create campaign materials to raise awareness of their chosen hot topic, developing employability skills including teamwork, communication skills, research skills and group presentation skills. The day culminated with a series of presentations to the whole year group in the assembly hall.

Congratulations go to form tutors 8RE, 8WB and 8LM who finished first, second and third respectively, securing a special day trip to Tregothnan Estate. Penrice Academy would also like to say a special thanks to Darcie Dawe from Tregothnan Estate who assisted in the delivery of the Year 8 Enterprise Day and acted as a judge on the presentations.

8RE Winners

The same format was then repeated on Thursday 10 June for the Year 7s with form tutors 7AS, 7RC and 7JH finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Thanks go to Francesco Rigolli from Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Careers Hub who acted as a guest judge.

The next key milestone in the provision of careers guidance comes in Year 10 when the students will embark on their work experience placements next month.

Life Skills

In addition to the Enterprise Days, students also enjoyed a range of workshops on key life skills.

One particular highlight was the First Aid and CPR training led by Ms McGrath. Workshops on alcohol, drugs, online safety, and positive relationships were also included.