Year 9 Tenner Challenge

This week and next, Year 9 Business Studies students are participating in the Tenner Challenge – with the aim of starting their own businesses based on a £10 start up provided by the Tenner Challenge Project.

Mrs Hanton said: “This is such an interesting project which gives the students the freedom to think creatively when it comes to business. Some teams have done some really great work and are already making a profit!”

Cakes & Co.

“We are five Year 9 Business students and we are doing a cake sale for the Tenner Challenge, which is where we are given £10 and have to make as much profit of it as possible. We will be selling cakes, homemade and bought. Everyone loves cake so that is why we chose it! The cakes will vary from 50p to £1 and there will be a wide selection available during breaks and lunches from next Monday until Wednesday/Thursday. See you there!” (Morgan Squire, Year 9)

Read more about the Tenner Challenge here.