Year 9 Geographers Build a River

On Thursday 28th April, Year 9 Geographers set to work creating a river in the Forest School – building every possible element, from ox bow lakes, meanders and waterfalls to thinking about the river’s sources and the effects it will have on the landscape.

Mr Banfield explains: “Geography is about the world we live in – the world outside – and there is no better way of learning this than actually leaving the classroom, rolling your sleeves up and getting involved. By employing this hands-on approach, students remember the doing as well as the learning, which was evident today with a fantastic recall of previous lessons’ work.

The class split into different roles, including builders, foragers, project managers and media, in order to recreate how a project like this would work.

Mr Banfield continued: “Within Practical Geography we aim to get out of the classroom as much as we can; based on the amazing work today I know the students are keen to do more of this – as am I!”