Year 9 Enterprise Day

On Monday 18th July, Year 9 took part in their Enterprise Day. Tasked with forming a company to promote how Cornish Schools could be run in more energy efficient ways, students got to work coming up with a name, a business and scientific model and preparing to be quizzed by the judging panel.

Teams had to keep in mind ways in which to both save money and reduce the impact on the environment.

Ideas included utilising Solar Power and Wind Turbines and displays in the hall explored monetary, scientific and social reasons to explain why their business was best.

Congratulations to Next Steps Generation, chosen as the best business model for saving energy at Penrice Academy by Judges Mr Cardigan and Mrs Stevens. Their idea would see the footsteps of students creating power by turning kinetic energy into electricity.

Next Steps Generation are: Megan Davey, Jenna Chambers, Antonia Ford, Katie Taplin, Liam Hayes, Ellen Kenny, Kai Willumsen and Joley Housego.

Mr Cardigan told Year 9: “I’m so impressed with what you’ve all achieved in so little time this morning. Your research and your knowledge has re-invigorated my own understanding of science and you have truly come up with some inspirational ideas.”

The event allowed students to develop highly transferable skills for interviews and networking in the future.