Year 8’s Morning Mile

Since the start of the summer term, all students in Year 8 at Penrice have been completing a mile walk during tutor time on a Friday morning.

Known as the Friday Morning Mile, the event sees the whole Year Group congregate in pairs of tutor groups to walk the perimeter of the field, which works out at roughly a mile.

Mr Jenkin, Head of Year 8, explains: “Our Morning Mile gives Year 8 an opportunity to do some vital exercise, as well as offering time to develop social skills with everyone in their year.”

Taking on average about 15 minutes, the aim of the Friday morning mile is to develop and improve the physical, social, emotional, mental health and wellbeing of students, regardless of ability or personal circumstance.

Mr Jenkin said: “What is excellent about the mile is that it is a fully inclusive activity and all 286 students in Year 8 – as well as Form Tutors and support staff – have been completing the mile every Friday, which really sets them up for the rest of the day.”