Year 8’s Client Based DT Project

It has been a busy 8 weeks for our budding Year 8 designers, as they have modelled and finalised designs with their clients. Mr Watson explains…

The process has been met with enthusiasm and confidence by all involved and the ideas have been phenomenal. Not only have our Year 8’s been able to gather feedback and information from their clients, but to develop them towards a best fit design that satisfies not only the client specification but also the constraints of time, materials and one that pushes their skill and ability. It has been an inspiring process to watch.

The students have applied themselves with professionalism, dedication and a large amount of effort throughout the project. To push themselves to understand areas of design we would normally show at GCSE, while working with teachers, in some cases those they had never met, could have been a difficult part of the curriculum for them to follow. I am so glad this was not the case. Their creativity and diversity of designs has made the project so much more than I had thought it to be.

The students now have 6-8 weeks to turn their ideas into fully functional products that their clients can take away and use. We will post pictures of the final outcomes on the school website and Facebook page so be sure to keep a look out for them!

Mr Watson, DT Teacher