Year 8 Study The Hunger Games

Last week the fourth and final installment (part two of book three) of The Hunger Games Trilogy was released in cinemas worldwide. The films, starring Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen, were based on the books written by American author Suzanne Collins, which and have become one of the most popular adventure epics of recent years.

Over the past five weeks, Year 8 have been studying the books and completing stunning homework as part of their Independent Learning Projects and studying of a modern novel in English. Students were asked to complete four of the following tasks – taking on one a week – and the best final projects were judged at the end.

· You are Katniss right before she enters the Hunger Games arena. Write a letter home to your Mum and Prim reassuring them you will be ok.

· Write your own dystopian story opening. You must include a range of language devices and capture the dark mood of a place.

· Create a poem which is inspired by the events of the book you are reading in class.

· Create a timeline for the life of the author whose book you have been reading in class.

· Create a fact file about one of the creatures that features in The Hunger Games.

· Capture District 13 in numbers. Look at some country profiles on the internet then use your imagination to produce District 13’s.

· Design a poster for the 74th Hunger Games that can be displayed in the Capital.

· Create a video diary entry as if you are one of the main characters from the novel.

· Create a piece of artwork which is inspired by the novel.

· Create a survival kit that Katniss could take with her to the capital containing useful objects.

· Create ID papers for one of the characters in your book.

· Make a model of a scene from the book you are reading in class.

Niamh, Harry and Tia (pictured) were awarded 1st and 2nd places respectively for their brilliant projects.

Mr Johnson said: “The results of these projects are outstanding – a testament to the students’ hard work. We chose The Hunger Games as a modern novel with deep themes and the students have loved it!”

Meanwhile in Miss Trerise’s Year 8 class, students have been published in the recent Young Writers The Poetry Trials competition from their worked based on The Hunger Games. Their work, inspired by the novel, will be featured in the book The Poetry Trials – Future Voices. Well done to them!

Private Peaceful

Year 7 have also been hard at work in English creating homework projects based on the novel they’ve been studying this term. Private Peaceful is about a soldier called Thomas “Tommo” Peaceful who is looking back on his life from the trenches of World War I in Belgium.

“This has been a truly exceptional set of homework projects. I have never had such an imaginative and diverse range produced before. The students should be very proud!” (Mr Johnson)

You can see more pictures of the projects on our Facebook page.