Year 8 Options 2020

The Options form is now available to complete online and can be accessed via the following link:

A reminder that Options are not given on a first come basis so please take your time in completing the form.

If you make a mistake or need to resubmit the form at any stage we will only use your most recent submission.

The deadline for completing the form is 9:00am on Friday 15 May.

 We look forward to reading through your selections,


The information given here will help you to decide which Options to select for Year 9.

Also our Geography, Languages and History departments have produced videos on YouTube that give you more details about their subjects –




To explore subjects and how they can build towards career paths and aspirations, we recommend students register on Careerpilot at
This site has lots of information and advice including an area for choosing options:
and you can also go to a subject and explore what that may lead to at

Please download the Year 8 Option brochure by clicking on the PDF downloadable resource below.

Resources to download

Options Brochure 2020