Year 8 Make Active Volcanoes

On Tuesday 1st November as part of their module on Volcanoes, Year 8 Geographers were tasked with making a model of an active volcano – showing it erupting in the most impressive way they can.

In what is always a hugely popular task combing elements of Food Technology, Science, Art and Geography, students set to work building their volcanoes using everything from cake mix, bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice and jelly and custard to scented candles, paint and even Hydrogen peroxide – also known in some instances as rocket fuel. And, of course, the infamous concoction of Coke and Mentos.

Mr Banfield said: “I have been blown away with the creative thinking from these students. We have volcanoes which are cut away models, some which are cakes, others which have flashing lights, and even erupting with fizzes and bangs. The students have really taken this task to heart and have come up with some amazing interpretations!”

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