Year 8 Lead Life-Like DT Project

This year our Most Able Year 8 Design & Technology students are working on a huge two-term project which will see them meeting with ‘clients’, discussing specifications and planning, designing and constructing a product from scratch.

Mr Watson explains: “Our designers have been provided with a context and product stimuli and will need to work with their client for the duration of the project in various industry-like areas, such as research of style and aesthetics, design development, prototyping and evaluating.”

Working in teams, the students have already met with their ‘clients’ – made up of various members of staff at Penrice – to identify their needs, interests, likes and dislikes, to generate an idea of what sort of product they can create. Meetings happen once a fortnight and the students are responsible for organising these, bringing relevant materials and being on time.

They will then be expected to create a small working prototype of their product at the end of the project, suitable for all their client’s requirements.

Categories of products being created include; Contemporary Desk Tidy; Educational Child’s Toy; and Sustainable Small Storage.

Mr Watson continued: “This project is a brilliant opportunity for Year 8 to experience a life-like project from start to finish. Not only this but they’ll also have something to be proud of by the end of the year, which hopefully their ‘clients’ (their teachers!) will be able to use every day.”