Year 8 History – First World War

On Friday 11th September Amanda Phipps, a Phd student at Exeter university, came in to observe the teaching of History in Penrice.

Amanda, under the supervision of Dr Catriona Pennell who is based at Exeter’s Penryn campus in Cornwall, is studying the use of artistic representations in teaching English school children about the First World War and how theatre in particular is transmitting collective memories about the conflict to the next generation.

Amanda spent time with our most able historians, observing how they reflect on the conflict, and the way in which it is taught. Amanda’s research feeds into the national dialogue which is going on at present into how we, as a society, remember the First World War. This is especially topical given the fact that we have reached the centenary of the conflict, and are also moving into a period when slowly we are losing those who lived through the war.

Our Year 8s spent time with Amanda investigating the conflict and why it broke out and she was impressed by the quality of the questions posed, and the ease at which they could articulate the complexity of the topic.