Year 8 Go for It!

On Wednesday 13th January, Year 8 students took part in a variety of workshops across the school, to gain experience in different industries and test out their skills, taking the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the world of work.

Professionals from industries like Koko Hair and Beauty and catering from Carlyon Bay Hotel to the Police service, Law and Design and Engineering services inspired our students throughout the morning to try things they may never have experienced before – like hair styling, making chocolate or plumbing.

“What a day! One workshop saw students kitted in police uniform interrogating Mrs Thomas (who was accused of stealing a phone) and a lot of them nailed the process – calm introduction, explain why they’re there, check CCTV, call a female officer for search etc. – very, very impressive.”(Mr Parker)

The event comes at the beginning of the Options process, giving the perfect opportunity for students to consider all kinds of different industries available to them beyond Penrice.

See more pictures from the day in our gallery.

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