Year 8 Explore Trestle Masks in Drama

In Drama, Year 8 have been working on Trestle Masks, which are used as a tool in Theatre to aid actors in their techniques of physicality, focus, and improvisation, as well as character creation and spatial awareness.

For homework, students designed and created their own masks, which are known to help to achieve a highly engaging and emotive presence in front of an audience.

Miss Nance explains: “This unit of work strongly focuses on students’ interpretation of facial expression and how they can physically create a character through the awareness of movement, gestures and body language.”

Using their own masks and conveying their original character’s emotion, the students created a performance with the brief of a ‘Doctors’ Waiting Room.’

Miss Nance said: “I am extremely impressed by the effort students have gone to in replicating Trestle Masks. They are developing an awareness of body language and are able to explore emotional reactions with the use of comedy and improvisation. This sets a good foundation to support them in completing the next two modules; Docudrama and Improvisation.”