Year 7 Speed Test

So far this year in Science, Year 7 have been looking at force and, as part of this unit, they need to be able to calculate the speed of a moving object. This term saw the first PCSO Speed Sessions held on the rugby field and AstroTurf – where students compared speed calculations between a speed gun and manually calculated ones.

Mrs Lethbridge, Science Teacher, explains: “I thought it would be an excellent opportunity for our students to see the science we teach them being used in real life, everyday situations. So we invited Julie Carpenter, a local PCSO, to bring her speed monitoring gun to put it to the test!”

Prizes were given to those whose calculations were closest to those recorded by the speed gun.

Mrs Lethbridge continued: “The students really enjoyed the exercise, which was also an excellent opportunity for local police personnel to build positive relationships with our young students.”