Year 7 Make Adverts with Pirate FM

On Tuesday 13th June our Year 7s immersed themselves in the world of radio when we welcomed Pirate FM for a series of workshops on creating adverts.

The students, chosen by their teachers to represent the Academy on air, worked in groups to brainstorm ideas of how best to tell mums and dads about Penrice Academy and make Year 6s feel good about coming to Secondary School. The aim was to, by the end of the session, create their own adverts for the coming Open Days.

Working in groups, Year 7 considered the best bits about Penrice, highlighting how grown up you feel being a part of it, how smart you feel wearing blazers and all the opportunities available to students at the school.

Comments included

“There are so many things that really enhance our education inside and outside the classroom.”

“Teachers are so kind and helpful.”

“Lessons are exciting and you feel a responsibility to learn.”

“We get two break times and have freedom to use a number of different areas of school, such as the hall, the canteen and the fields and yards.”

“You make so many friends at Penrice because everyone feels the same. Everyone is a bit nervous but everyone is excited to be a part of it.”

They also spoke proudly of our recent fundraising project for Project 3580, during which the Academy raised £16,500 for children in Sierra Leone, saying they feel ‘inspired to help others’: “It was a big story for Penrice and I feel like it could inspire others to help us too.”

After their brainstorm the students learnt about advertising techniques, such as enthusiasm and excitement, music, slogans and jingles, and the differences between serious and entertaining adverts. They then considered how they would create their own advert for the school.

They listened to examples of adverts and analysed how they were created, including confidence and clear delivery, and finished the session by writing scripts and recording their adverts using their notes in Pirate FM’s pop up studio.

In the afternoon session, Tom said: “This has been great, we want to tell Year 6 not to be scared, we want to make Penrice sound as fun as it is and radio is a great way to do that.”

Be sure to listen out on Pirate FM for Year 7s’ finished adverts in the coming weeks!