Year 7 English: Goodnight Mr Tom

Last term in Year 7 English, students produced some fantastic pieces of art, creative poems and fact files, based on Goodnight Mister Tom, the novel set during World War II, which the students have been studying.

Year 7 student Michael said: “I enjoyed this project because it was really fun and I learnt a lot from it. I got a costa coffee cup and, with my dad’s supervision, I sprayed bit silver with a bit of bronze to add in a rusty affect. After that, my Mum bought me a cake holder to do Mr Tom’s garden on.

I then got tissue paper and made it look like carrots. My dad helped me stick together some stirring sticks to make a fence and I placed it down with play-dough. I then covered the sprayed cup with tea bags to make the effect of sandbags over an Anderson shelter.”