Year 7 Create Adverts for Open Day

On Monday 18th June 2018, Year 7 once again took charge of recording our Open Day adverts with Pirate FM – leading everything from planning and scripting to recording and social media treatment.

The workshop, run by Rachel and Libby from Pirate FM’s Education & Training, saw 20 students come together to brainstorm what makes their experience at Penrice unique, what stories they have to tell and how best to get that across to children thinking about joining Penrice.

They agreed that friendship is a huge part of school, alongside brand new lessons, extracurricular experiences and support.

The students, split into our groups, were tasked with writing an exciting script before recording in the mobile Pirate FM studio – which they achieved in one take. They then discussed how they could use social media to broadcast their advert, using modern tactics such as gifs, hashtags and humour, a stationary ‘giveaway’ to stand out and even a ‘selfie’ competition with teachers.

Advert ideas included an original song and jingle, role playing and acting, sound effects and brand new hashtags.

Rachel told Year 7: “I am so impressed with your ideas, confidence and delivery today – you’ve created high quality adverts with great messages and content in record time. You should all be very proud!”