Year 10 Undergo Phase II of the Senior Prefect Selection

Twelve shortlisted Year 10 students spent an afternoon at Carlyon Bay beach on Monday 14 June as they undertook team building and leadership exercises led by Sweat Cornwall.

The group enjoyed 8 different challenges where they not only got to work together to further develop our strong Team Year 10 ethos, but also had the opportunity to showcase their individual leadership skills and qualities.

Commenting on the selection process, Mrs Razzell, Head of Year 10, said:

“I am not necessarily looking for the three strongest individuals, I am looking for the three individuals that work best as a team.”

There will now be a selection process where 6 of the 12 will reach the interview stage.

Mrs Razzell said:

“Team Year 10 are an exceptional year group. Thank you for making what is already a challenging decision even more challenging. I feel they have all fully embraced it – they’ve come with the right attitude and approach and I wish them all the best for Phase III.”