Year 10 Study the Mormons

This week Year 10 history took a walk during their lesson to the local Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints  – better known by their nickname the Mormons.

Year 10 historians are currently studying the American West – a course which encourages them to reflect on why different people emigrated to, and across, America. One such group is the Mormons, a church founded in New York by Joseph Smith in the 1830s, and which prospered under the leadership of Brigham Young in Utah, in a place which was a desert when they arrived, and today is the vibrant metropolis of Salt Lake City.

Andy and Chrissie from the Church told the students of the history of their church; its formation, its founding doctrine, and they also discussed their beliefs. The group were interested to find out that they give 10% of their income to the Church, and that they do not drink tea or coffee!

Students were engaged and to their credit asked many very thoughtful questions.