Year 10 Enter Phase II of Senior Prefect Selection at Carlyon Bay Beach

A select group of aspiring Year 10 prefects headed to Carlyon Bay Beach on Thursday 26 May for an outdoor challenge day as part of their senior prefect application process.

The day, which will contribute towards the decision-making process for Head Boy and Head Girl (in June), saw our Year 10s enjoy a wide range of teambuilding exercises including ice-breakers, knot tying, blindfolded guidance games, puzzles, logical team thinking challenges and a group discussion on what they thought made an effective team.

Making observations from the sidelines were Mr Toms – Head of Year 10, Mrs Sutcliffe – Pastoral Support Mentor for Year 10, and Mr Hammersley – Deputy Headteacher.

When asked which traits he is looking for most, Mr Toms, the recently appointed Head of Year 10, responded:

Mr Kev Toms
Head of Year 10

“I would say Integrity, Honesty and Reliability.
The students have never done today’s activities before. I am looking out for those students who can react positively to new situations they’re not comfortable with, and then I’ll be asking them to take that approach back into school life. I’m looking for senior prefects who can work well with each other, who are ready to take on leadership responsibilities and who can communicate their ideas effectively. However, most importantly, I am looking for individuals who are willing to put themselves out there, fail, dust themselves off, get back up again and succeed.”

As of tomorrow (Friday 27 May), students are invited to apply for a range of senior prefect roles over half term including Head Boy, Head Girl, Year Group leaders, Charity leaders and so much more. Final decisions will be made roughly 2 weeks after half term.

Mr Toms finished by saying:

“The students have done Penrice Academy proud today – fantastic attitude. And we also say thank you to Sweat Cornwall for hosting such an enjoyable day.”