World Book Day 2019

This year Young Reporter is fortunate to have fallen around World Book Day. Reporters Lacey and Josh soaked up the excitement around school and interviewed the man that makes it happen, Penrice Academy English teacher and literacy co-ordinater, Mr Johnson.

They also roamed the corridors checking out the many colourful, dressed up students, asking them about their costumes and why they picked the character that they are.

The Interview!

L & J: What is your favourite book?

Mr Johnson: My favourite book at the moment is a book by Markus Zusak and it’s called The Book Thief

L & J: Why do you think so many people participate in World Book Day?

Mr Johnson: I think it’s because so many people enjoy reading books and making themselves into their favourite characters from their favourite books.

L & J:  Why do you think it’s important for children to read?

Mr Johnson:  It fires up the imagination and gets you thinking. You can sit down staring at a screen for hours and you aren’t doing much thinking. Where as you can sit with a book and your thinking and entertaining yourself at the same time.

L & J:  What is the purpose of World Book Day to you?

Mr Johnson: To get people talking about their favourite books and introducing new books to each other.

L & J: When did your passion for reading start?

Mr Johnson:  My passion for reading started when I was younger and it helped my imagination go wild.

L & J:  Who is your favourite book character?

Mr Johnson:  My favourite book character is Paddington because I love his passion and enthusiasm.

Some of Our Favourite World Book Day Costumes!

Today we have seen many great and amazing costumes, from Wednesday Adams to the Mad Hatter.

We saw Brooke and Kierra dressed as Dr. Seuss’ Thing 1 and Thing 2, with their labels pinned to red T-Shirts! It’s simple but it’s effective. They said their idea behind it, is that they like matching and it’s more fun when there’s more than one.

Then we saw Hollie dressed as Michael Jackson. She said that he is one of her favourite people and she enjoys learning more about him through books. Her idea was amazing and her costume was even better. She definitely stood out from the crowd and she looked amazing!

Finally, there was Dainton as the BFG! His costume was fabulous and very accurate! He definitely could’ve been mistaken for the real BFG!! He dressed as the BFG because it’s his favourite character from the book.