Work Experience

Work Experience Week for Year 10 falls at the end of the school year, during Curriculum Enrichment Week. This year this will be from Monday 22nd July to Friday 26th July 2024.  The week sees students from Penrice scattered all over the county experiencing different industries, managed by Ms Turner, our Careers Lead, to give the students a taster of what proper employment feels like and how to be presentable in the workplace.

Preparation for Work Experience is so important to us here at Penrice – we want to ensure our students have the very best experience.

In tutor times, students work on activities with their tutors that help them begin to understand the value of Work Experience and equip them with the knowledge and skills to be able to identify which employers can offer them this important opportunity and how they can ensure their applications put them ahead of the competition! They will learn how to write employer letters, follow up procedures, organising their time and priorities, engaging with professionals for help and advice and so much more. In addition to this, our team of tutors, Ms Turner and other career professionals will be on hand to help support students throughout the process.

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Downloadable Resources

Forms & Templates for Work Experience 2024

Completed Work Experience Placement Approval & Consent Forms are available in PDF or Word formats below and must be returned by Friday 12th January 2024.

Please note that there can be no extension on the above deadlines. Students who fail to meet these deadlines will be enrolled on our in-school work experience week which includes workshops, careers research sessions and a range of visiting speakers.

Case Studies

Below are a few examples of placements from previous Year 10s.

Isabelle & Dellen (St. Austell Print)

“Everyone around the factory has been very friendly to us during our week and we were sad to leave them, but we will take many new skills from this work experience for our future. We are thankful to have both have gained confidence and developed our creativity during the week that we spent at St Austell Printing Company.”

Amelie and Joe (Pitched Design Agency)
Amelie and Joe spent a week getting creative at Pitched, a local design and marketing agency.

Casey-Jane (PR Department, Penrice Academy)
Casey-Jane spent the week covering the activities of Curriculum Enhancement Week, as a roving reporter at Penrice

“Throughout the week I helped to produce the school Newsletter, taking pictures, monitoring social media and interviewing people around the school. Working there has given me more confidence and an idea of what it would actually be like to work as a journalist or reporter. I am also considering it as a future career and I’ve had a brilliant time working this week!”

Ellie  (Wilson’s Jewellery, St. Austell)

“I learnt a lot during the week. All of the customers know how to make you smile and laugh! I learnt how to speak formally to people I don’t know. The week was really busy. I had a lot of jobs to do, such as handling and cleaning Jewellery.”

Keenan (IMERYS)

“I spent my week fixing specific things, driving a JCB and pretty much doing mechanical maintenance. I learnt about metal work and tools and it has been extremely interesting.”

Sam (Penrice Academy Site Team)

“My week at Penrice was great! I sorted deliveries and did painting and maintenance. It really showed how things work behind the scenes; how much hard work is put in to the things you don’t usually see.”

Olivia (Indicia)

“Indicia are a costumer engagement Marketing agency. They work with many different clients providing creative and data solutions. I really enjoyed my week there; it really boosted my confidence and has made me think about the future. Everyone there made me feel so welcome. I left with a determination to work hard in school, college and possibly university!”