Work Experience Awards

On Friday 23rd September during our Year 11 assembly, no less than 58 students were handed Heads of Year Awards for their effort, enthusiasm and professionalism during their Work Experience in July.

Mr Sutcliffe explained: “The Head of Year Award goes to students who were nominated by the visiting member of staff, employer or myself for their commitment in the workplace and /or their log book.  This year we have twice as many awards as last year.  The comments from staff and employers have been fantastic, so well done.”

Comments from employers included: “Has been enthusiastic and interested in everything we asked him to do”, “Has been polite and punctual”, “Has been an absolute pleasure to have working with us” and “We would gladly employ her in the future.”

Mr Cardigan said: “This has been a very positive assembly in many ways, but to end like this is just brilliant. The comments we’ve received from employers could not be better. You are a real credit to yourselves and to the school.

Head of Year Award

Klaudia Albin, Brett Barnes, Paige Bennetts, Baylee Betts, James Bilkey, Annie Brown, Ethan Budge, Tanicha Chapman, Emma Clarke, Lowenna Cleary, Sam Cocklin, Jenna Colley, Gabe Connolly, Eleanor Cook, William Cranfield Thompson, Joshua Davies, Megan Dawes, Wiliam Facey, Cassie Fairlesss-Smith, Megan Frampton, Lucy Gard, Shannon George Roach, Ashley Gilder, Saffron Giles, Gabrielle Hancock, Tilly Harris, Callum Hayward, Leah Henderson, Erin Hicks, Annice Johnson, Lauren Knight, Georgia Marsden, Chloe Moore, Cally Olsen, KC Pascoe, Oliver Pearce, Courtney Poad, Toby Proctor, Oliver Purdie, Eloise Rabey, Ella Rowe Hall, Sophie Skipiol, Lauren Slade, Christopher Sleeman, Issac Smith, Solomon Smith, Heather Smith, Niamh Snell, Ryan Steed, Georgianna Stewart Ashley, Daniel Stone, Abi Tamblyn, Lucy Warne, Tegan Welch, Emma Westlakem Jasmin Wrighton

Outstanding Work Experience

Alice Avery and Natalie Pramuk