Wizard of Oz: Lights and Sounds!

Every great production needs a great Special Effects team – and the boys working on Lights and Sounds behind the scenes on The Wizard of Oz have got it covered.

Oliver Pearce and Brett Barnes, from Year 9, have been working on production since they started Penrice. Brett explained: “We do the lighting and sounds for loads of productions – dance shows, celebration assemblies, awards evenings – sometimes even discos. I’d love to work on this sort of thing in the future, perhaps at the Theatre Royal or even Eden!”

“We just love getting involved,” Oliver said. “We get to see all the productions; we get to know what goes on around the school outside of lessons. We also get asked by teachers to step up and help, which is great.”

Mr Brown has worked with the boys during rehearsals each week and said they’ve been a ‘fantastic asset’. They also have a few tricks up their sleeves. Brett said: “Mr Brown keeps us on track, gets us organised and helps us with kit – he’s great, and has stage experience from his time in music so he knows what he’s doing. Huge thanks to him for his help!”

“We rely on these boys a fair bit. They take control, they’re alive with ideas and they’re training up Year 7s to be the future. They’re brilliant.” (Mr Brown)

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