Virtual Welcome Day 2021

Welcome to Penrice Academy’s Virtual Welcome Day 2021.

Running order of the day

Part 1: Welcome Assembly

A welcome from Headteacher Ms Gambier and Mrs Taylor, Head of Year 7, as well as an opportunity to meet the tutors.

Tutor Introductions

Please use the links below to view the welcome message from your new Year 7 tutor.


Part 2: Interactive Lessons

Science with Mr Round and the Year 10 Prefects

Good morning Year 6! Welcome to your Science lesson today which will be taught by Mr Round. You should have received the following equipment from Penrice Academy:

  • Skittles – yum!
  • A pipette
  • A tray to hold samples
  • Strips of filter paper
  • A beaker

The lesson will start with an introductory activity followed by an explanation of chromatography. You will then perform your own chromatography in order to find out which colour skittle contains more than one food colouring.

We hope you enjoyed your Science lesson and found out which colour skittle was the culprit. Before we go, just for fun, we’d like to share with you some of the experiments you can expect to witness and partake in during your 5 years at Penrice. Enjoy!


History with Mr Wright

Next, we join Mr Wright in a historical adventure as he teaches us about The Silk Road.

Creative Arts with Mr Goodlad, Miss Morse, Mr Brodey, Gabbie and Aimee

It’s time for a Creative Arts lesson consisting of Art, Drama and Music. Please access the resources listed below this video during the lesson. Over to you Mr Goodlad!

Lesson Resources


Part 3: Postcard challenge and farewell message

That’s it folks! Please view the below farewell message from Mrs Taylor. Once you have watched the video, you can access the relevant tutor postcards below.