Make a Difference – Become a Community Governor at Penrice Academy

We’re on the lookout for talented experts to join our board of governors here at Penrice. This is an opportunity to give back to the community and shape the lives of young people locally as we educate them to have a positive influence on the world around them.

As a hard-working professional, we know you’re super busy, so we kindly ask you to take the time out of your day to watch the 3-minute video below, courtesy of Governors for Schools, which provides further information.

Benefits of becoming a Community Governor

There are a diverse range of benefits to becoming a Community Governor at Penrice.
These include:

Positive Impact on the Local Community
You’ll have a say on shaping the education of young people in the St Austell area. Your guidance and expertise will directly affect the outcomes of Penrice pupils and you will have a positive impact on frontline education in Cornwall.

Network and Build Connections
You’ll meet other likeminded professionals from the local area and build close connections that could lead in the direction of business collaborations, partnerships and so much more.

Enhance your CV
Being a school governor is a great form of CPD. You’ll be sure to raise eyebrows at interviews, standing out to current and future employers after adding board-level experience to your CV.

Sharpen your Skills Set
The broad and diverse range of topics discussed at Governor-level meetings means that you will learn new things and utilise transferable skills – some of which you may not have used for months or years!

Governor Testimonials

Hear from a diverse range of governors on their experiences of helping schools in the short video below.

Mrs Jo Skyba
Staff Governor since March 2020

“As a previous student of Penrice who lives locally and now has children at both this school and a local primary, I have a vested interest in the school and the possibility to do something positive for my local community and the next generation.
Through my role as a governor, I have personally gained more self-confidence, business awareness and motivation. I have improved on team working, speaking in groups, asking questions, making suggestions, influencing, negotiation, problem solving and decision making.
I enjoy the challenge and the reward of the role. I am keen to make a difference by contributing to how well the school is run, to raising its standards, and to strengthening the link between our school and the community.”


Ms Jacqueline Sage
Chair of Governors – Joined in 2009

“I became a governor in 2009 when my eldest was in Year 9, initially as a parent governor. I joined as I had 2 more children who would be starting at the school over the next 6 years so I wanted to be part of the board to maintain the standards and vision of the school.
The benefit of having 3 chatty, opinionated children allowed me insight into how they felt about school. They also shared their friends’ thoughts and experiences which I could then feed back. This allowed the school leaders an insight into how their decisions were being received. I also spoke to other parents which allowed me to gather their thoughts and feelings about the school. This, I have always felt, allowed the voice of stakeholders to be heard.
Personally, I have found the whole experience fascinating and rewarding. It has given me a constructive voice in the education and well-being of the students of Penrice. I have gained experience in Board level meetings, decision making, and strategic planning, plus an understanding of a large variety of areas that go into running an effective organisation.”


Mr Neil Morrin
H&S & Community Governor – Joined in June 2021

“I think it’s too early to a say that my presence has had much impact on the school or community yet, especially during Covid-19, but I’ve tried to offer help and guidance and support where possible.
For me, it’s been a very different role. I’m used to working in a consultancy environment where organisations and individuals are expected to listen to and follow my advice. However, as a Governor, the relationship and role is different. It has been interesting to work within a different dynamic and develop and work on my soft skills.
I’m still new to the role, but feel that I can get a lot out of learning to adjust my own approach and interaction style to suit this environment and that’s a useful skillset to develop. From a wider point, I also think that our local schools are really important and as a community we should do what we can to support them.”

Meet the Team

The current governance team at Penrice Academy is as follows:
Jacqueline Sage – Chair of Governors, Rob Parker – Vice Chair, Ms Lucy Gambier – Headteacher, Peter Banfield – Staff Governor, Jo Skyba – Staff Governor, Nick Bailey, Pani Bundy, Hayley McKinstry, Neil Morrin, Jeremy Alder – Clerk to Governors.

Penrice Academy Governors pictured in April 2022 (some governors had joined virtually on Microsoft Teams)

Who We Are Looking For

We’re looking for one key character trait in all of our Governors – Enthusiasm. We’re looking for new skills, fresh ideas and, most importantly, for new governors to take a keen interest in the running of Penrice Academy, helping us to maintain standards and our Outstanding Ofsted accreditation.

You do not need to have previous experience in working in education or being a governor. The following is not a definitive list, but if you have expertise in areas such as Business Management, Finance, Marketing, Education, Law, HR, or anything else we’ve missed, then we’d love for you to get in touch.

Time Requirements of being a Governor

The Local Governing Body currently meet six times per year at Penrice Academy (St Austell) with each meeting lasting for approximately 2 hours. Attendance in person is preferred, but joining virtually is also an option.

On occasions, governors may be requested to help outside of these six scheduled meetings in exceptional circumstances such as critical incidents, or to act as an independent, unbiased decision making panel on heavily scrutinised decisions such as student expulsions.

Express an Interest

If the thought of becoming a governor at Penrice Academy is appealing then the first step is to express an interest online using the link below. Our Clerk to the Governors, Jeremy Alder, will then contact you for an informal chat, answering any questions you may have. Following your chat, if you’re happy to proceed, Jeremy will talk you through the next steps.

Thank you for your time. We look forward to meeting you.