Upcoming: Romeo and Juliet

by Molly and Tia

Pictured: Erin and Jude, two members of the cast.

Today we interviewed some of the Romeo and Juliet cast to see how they are coping with the new play.

Edie, Sadie and Ebony were all interviewed and said: “It was very hard at the start to learn the words as it’s in a different language/way of speaking, you have to use your facial expressions a lot to explain what’s being said. We also had to find out what they meant to fully understand them.”

We spoke to the producers of the play, Mr Tew and Miss Kleiman.

We asked Mr Tew how he chose Romeo and Juliet as the school production for 2018.

Mr Tew replied, “We didn’t want to do another musical so we decided on a play that didn’t involve singing. Shakespeare was also a nice change because it is a new language to learn”.

We then spoke to Miss Kleiman about how she thinks the play is going in her own opinion.

Molly asked her, “How is the production going?”

Miss Kleiman replied with, “The production as a whole is going really well. Obviously the performances are next week. So now we are doing all the tech rehearsals, which means we’re working out the lightings, we’re working out the music, we’re kind of putting it all together. We’re going to be doing dress rehearsals with all the costumes and the props, so it’s really exciting.

Our cast is doing really, really well. Our Romeo’s especially because they have the most lines, they are doing really well. Our Juliet’s are doing really well. And all of the cast are doing really well as well, they’ve done a good job, they’ve been working hard since September, to learn their lines. And Shakespeare is really hard to learn because it’s not just regular English and it’s hard to understand what they’re saying.

They’re working  hard to understand the words they’re saying and deliver in a way that makes it sense to the audience. So no they’re all doing really well, and I’m excited.

Watch out for more on Penrice Presents: Romeo and Juliet next week.