We take great pride in the smart appearance of our students.


Uniform Details 2020-2021

Black blazer with Penrice Academy logo Only available from Screenprint (Compulsory item).

Black and gold jumper with Penrice logo Only available from Screenprint (Optional item).To be worn under the blazer, not instead of the blazer.

Black and gold clip-on tie Only available from Screenprint (Compulsory item).

White long or short-sleeved shirt with collar (not fitted and must be able to be tucked in), suitable for wearing with a tie. Available from screenprint or other outlets.

Black uniform skirt as provided by Screenprint This is the only skirt that is acceptable for wear.

Trousers – Boys – Black formal tailored No jeans, combat trousers, leggings/stretch-type trousers, cropped trousers, drainpipes or skinnies. No decorative loops, logos, studs or additional buttons. We recommend that the trousers are purchased from Screenprint *
Trousers – Girls Girls trousers can only be purchased from Screenprint or Macron online uniform shop. These are the only trousers acceptable for schoolwear *
*Belts should be black and functional

Shorts may be purchased as an optional item for both boys and girls from Screenprint or Macron online uniform shop only.

Black polishable shoes without logos of any kind No trainers, canvas, sandals, boots or flip-flop style shoes. ‘Vans’ style skate shoes, or similar, are not permitted.

Socks – plain black only (not trainer style).

Jewellery One watch and one small discreet ring, no bracelets or necklaces. No charity bands unless agreed by the school. Earrings one pair of plain studs, sleepers or small plain earrings is allowed in the ear lobe. One earring per ear. Other Piercings the Academy does not allow any facial or tongue piercings including plastic retainers; this includes ear piercings that are not in the ear lobe. Students will not be allowed in school if they refuse to remove them. A plaster covering the piercing is not acceptable.

Tattoos It is illegal for children under 18 years to have a tattoo and so these will not be accepted at Penrice Academy under any circumstances.

Make-up Discreet make-up is permitted in the Academy and discretion is left with the Tutor, Head of Year and Leadership Team. No coloured nail varnish allowed.

Hairstyles should be neat, tidy and of an acceptable natural colour. Patterned, shaved or multicoloured highlighted hair is not permitted in the Academy. If hair colour is used it should be of natural appearance and of one colour only. Tramlines, shaved hairstyles or extreme hairstyles of any kind are not acceptable, and hair should be cut no shorter than a Grade 2. Hair ornaments should be functional and discreet. If you are in doubt, please consult your child’s Tutor or Head of Year before your child’s hairstyle is changed.

Non-uniform Day Regulations When these take place students must wear clothing appropriate to the day. Non-uniform does not include fancy dress.

The Academy remains the final arbiter of what dress/jewellery/hair colour is appropriate.

PE Kit (must be clearly named/ labeled)

Boys and Girls
Training shoes
Black and gold sports top with Penrice logo
Plain black shorts
Black games socks
Black tracksuit (optional)
Black and gold hoodie with Penrice logo (optional)

Boys only
Black and gold reversible rugby shirt
Studded football boots

Girls only
Black and gold sports skorts and/or plain black shorts
Items of PE kit can be purchased from: Cornwall Screenprint, Holmbush Trading Estate, St Austell.

All: A plain black under armour type top is acceptable in poor weather conditions.
All: You should wear shin pads for football and hockey; mouth guards for rugby and hockey.
All: You must bring your PE kit even if you are unable to participate, as you will be expected to take a non-active role in the lesson. No jewellery is to be worn during any PE lesson.

Visit Cornwall Screenprint here.

Our uniform requirements are also published in the student planners. Please contact your child’s tutor if you have any queries.