Transition Day 2016

On Tuesday 7th June we welcomed Year 6s who are joining us in September to give them a chance to experience what life is like at Penrice Academy, through three exciting activities.

Mr Matthews explains: “We had three activities for the students to try on the day. To help students find their way around the school, we set up a treasure hunt around the whole site, with prizes available for the winners!”

“To give students a chance to try something a bit different, we used atlatls. These are a type of spear thrower that has been used by humans all across the globe for the last 20,000 years. It also meant students were able to throw further than they ever had before, with many throwing over 20m.”

“Our third activity was to make Goblins out of clay. Penrice’s Forest School is now covered in clay faces looking out from the trees, decorated with the sticks, stones and leaves that students found around the area. The day was a great success and we can’t wait to work with the students come September!”

You can see pictures of the completed Clay Goblins on our Facebook page.