Transition Day 2018

On Friday the 8th of June, we welcomed a large group of Year 6s for their Transition Day.

Will from the Media Team reports.

Transition Day is designed to help settle any queries and concerns that Year 6s might have in the run up to joining us in September. It’s also a great day of activities; the students take part in a treasure hunt, followed by goblin making and making ancient tools called ‘atlantl’.

Mrs Taylor, Head of Year 7, said: “Today is an extra Welcome Day! On a day full of fun and laughter, we aim to give the students a great first experience of Penrice Academy, to enable them to meet new friends and to become familiar with their new school.  We hope, at the end of the day, everyone leaves looking forward to returning in July for the Year 6 Welcome Days”.

With the help of the new Prefects, Year 6 made some brilliant goblins using natural materials, which are now displayed on the trees by the Forest School.

They also tried their hand at ‘spear throwing’ using an age-old method.

Mr Matthews said: “Each year we show the children how to use atlatl – a spear thrower which uses leverage to throw darts further. It’s a real challenge and teaches them to use skill and technique, rather than strength, as well as the importance of listening and following instructions.”

Mrs Macdonald and Ms Libby said: “Extra Transition Day is one we look forward to every year! The transition to Secondary School can prove to be an anxious time for some students and it’s important to recognize this. Therefore we do everything we can to make that transition a positive experience for all and it was wonderful to meet all the new faces”.

Words and pics: Will, Year 9