Today’s News: March 16th 2017

  • Alfie, Sam and Jack go behind the scenes of British Science Week at Penrice Academy and the Eden Project and speak with Miss Cox about her Sierra Leone adventure next month.
  • Anna, Elise, Ava, Phoebe and Bella meet Golden Retriever Bailey and some of the students she works with.
  • Jamie and Ethan will give you a tour of the school from Bailey’s perspective – and talk all things Go Pro.
  • Elle and Olivia talk to Brook about teaching Sex and Relationships at school
  • Bella tells us all about her experience interviewing children in Kissi Town before she appears on BBC Spotlight tonight!
  • Kordelia and Lily speak to the Invictus Trust about breaking the taboo of Mental Health
  • Adam reports from Newquay on the Blood Hound Car!
  • And Jake investigates why there is a nationwide shortage of referees in football.

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