The Purple Angel – Guiding Students

by Milena and Megan, Year 9 (pictured above with Clive and Jane)

At Penrice Academy we had the opportunity to speak with Dr Clive Acraman, founder of Planning with People, and Jane Moore, Co-founder of the dementia awareness association The Purple Angel.

They aim to raise awareness and understanding of dementia across the globe. In our interview they informed us of how people with dementia can be supported in their daily lives, and how we can provide this support.

Dementia is a progressive disease and stays with not only the sufferer but also the cares around them for life. If someone got dementia through a temporary accident or illness, for example brain trauma, this can be cured and heal over time, however most cases are permanent and a cure is yet to be found.

They spoke with us about personal experiences and what dementia means to them. Jane’s mum had dementia and this is how she first became involved with the cruelties inflicted by this disease. Norman McNamara had started a Facebook page “Dementia Aware”, where Jane helped Norrm kick start the Purple Angel with the name and logo. On this same page 18, 000 people have tried to join in to help and support Norrm and other dementia sufferers.

“Dementia doesn’t distinguish about who it attacks.”


Dr Clive Acraman, founder of Planning with People, also became involved with the Purple Angel through Norrm’s Facebook page and told us of his experiences of dementia.

After the interview Jane told us of different events being organised by The Purple Angel, including ‘Rock Against Dementia’ on the 19th March this year held in Torbay. These events have been recognised and enjoyed in 22 different countries including the U.K, U.S, and Canada. In the South West there are three memory cafes already, in St. Austell, Wheal Martin, and Torquay. They provide safe and friendly support havens for people suffering with dementia and their family/carers.

Dementia is just an umbrella disease with lots of different causes and types i.e. Altimeters, Avascular, Louie Body, Frontal temple and Parkinson’s. Those are only a few of the many different types. Children as young as six can get dementia said Jane in the interview. She also said when asked ‘What does dementia mean to you?’ – “My whole life has been taken over by it”. These are very touching and heartfelt statements.

Clive Acraman said “It’s like any other disease or disability,” and that people with dementia or disabilities want to “just to be seen as human beings.”

You can watch the whole interview on our YouTube Channel.

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