The Invictus Trust

This term we have been proudly supporting The Invictus Trust as our local charity, one of two charities we’re supporting all year.

Some of our Prefects, led by Head Students Gabe and Natalie, have been busy this week selling Invictus merchandise including t-shirts and bracelets, in order to spread the message of the charity.

Our students have already raised over £180 through cake and merch sales alone! A small fraction of what’s to come throughout the rest of the year.

Mrs Stevens said: “We welcomed Sophia from Invictus, a family run charity, who spoke to our Academy Council about their work, which really hit home with many of our students.”

“Everyone has mental health and everyone deals with any problems in their own different ways – but everyone needs support. It is not a taboo subject and we’re excited to work with Invictus to break these barriers when it comes to mental health. So thank you everyone for your support so far!”

You can read Gabe and Natalie’s first blog on the Council’s charity support here.

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