The Gideons Visit RS

Every year, Year 7 students have the pleasure of meeting our local Gideons group in their Religious Studies lesson and receive the gift of a Bible. Gideons International began in 1899 in the USA and sailed across to our shores in 1949. To date they have placed 2 billion Bibles in 200 countries!

Last term they lead a session on their history, symbol and connection to the Old Testament story of Gideon conquering the Mideonites despite being outnumbered.

Mrs Malcom Explains: “The session is run in an informal manner and reflects their dedication to the Christian faith. The Gideons show us how the Bible can be used for modern challenges, such as: feeling lost and unwanted; feeling angry with people; being away from home; and even when feeling bereaved and facing death.”

This is part of the RS broad and balanced curriculum, which includes multi-faith and multi-cultural modern Britain and the study of Christianity and Islam in Year 7. Students will also be learning about religious freedom and the great peril that William Tyndale endured for his passion that the Bible should be translated into English.