Ten Tors 2023 Review

Congratulations to our amazing Ten Tors challengers and Ten Tors staff who represented Penrice over the weekend on Dartmoor! Ms Penrose shares more in her review below.

Words by: Ms Penrose
Ten Tors Coordinator at Penrice Academy

All of our Ten Tors challengers had a fantastic weekend and they all did great!

Our students in the 45-mile event were split into two different teams. The 45-mile teams were very close and completed the route at 12:40pm and 1:46pm on the Sunday. Katie, a Year 11 student, said “it didn’t feel that far” as she crossed the finish line to complete her 45-mile expedition – we were very impressed and this is a testament to the students’ strength and training efforts they have all made.

As for the 35-mile challengers, there were a mix of Year 9s and Year 10s. Once again, both teams were close with Team A finishing at 1:40pm on Sunday and Team B finishing at 2:30pm.

Students have trained for 6 months to get to this point, with the most recent training regime seeing them head out every other weekend, often wild camping in February and March and in some very cold conditions. The training has been hard and there have been tears, but also plenty of laughter. When you see their faces as they cross the finish line the effort is all worthwhile!

Ten Tors, as you would see from comments on social media, changes students forever and gives them an inner strength that will see them through the challenges they face in life. They have learnt the real meaning of teamwork, determination, resilience and that just “putting one foot in front of the other” is a step closer to your destination.

I need to say a huge thank you to the staff who have supported the students out training in all weathers – particularly our base camp team! Also, thank you to the parents who do the early morning training get ups and collect their somewhat muddy, tired, hungry children in the evening.

Ten Tors Supporting Staff

Signing Up to Ten Tors

All journeys start with taking the first step. Any students who think they have what it takes can apply in September 2023 when we start recruiting new candidates for the 2024 challenge (open to Years 9, 10 and 11).

If you are inspired, please talk to any of the staff involved. Staff include Mrs Frise and Mr Rogers or me, Ms Penrose (apenrose@penrice.org.uk). It is a great thing to do, even in Year 11, as it gives you a break from all the studying. For everyone, the experience will give you so much more than I can explain – just ask this year’s students when you see them!

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