Technology in Schools

By Thomas, Sebastian, Jude and Patrick

Four Digital geniuses explore the use of technology in education.

The inspiration for this report stemmed from the students examining how many digital devices were being used around school and how they influenced learning. In this report, students explore the question: “What do people think of iPads being used in schools?”

Interviewees include, an Apple Distinguished Educator, a Year 10 student, a Digital Genius (A student with extra experience with digital devices) and a parent of a Year 7 student.

What do you think about the computers in school?

Digital geniuses: “The computers are great to use for school work and you can use them to print”

Year 10 Student: “They are helpful in many different ways”

Mr Hopkins (ADE): “In a world like today, they are a new learning curve for students”

Parent: “They have a lot of support from students and they love to use them.”

Matt Shepherd from radio Cornwall said: ‘I hope that they don’t get replaced by the iPads in the long term.’

Do you think students should be allowed games on their iPad?

The iPad genius said: “Yes they should be allowed because it allows students to have some down time”

A Year 10 said: “Yes they should be allowed because it allows them to take their mind of things”

Mr Hopkins said: “Yes they should but as long as they don’t use them in school else they will be punished.’’

A parent said: “No they shouldn’t because there’s most kids who will have other devices at home and a iPad supplied by school for school work is for exactly that”

Matt shepherd said: “I don’t  really think they should because the iPad are for school work.”

People think that iPads are a great learning tool that can be used for research, communication with a teacher, producing homework and of course making learning more interesting for students. But the big negative of iPads is that students very often can get distracted by them due to games, emails and browsers.