Superb work in Year 9 Art Project

Year 9 Art & Design students have been very busy this week designing and constructing their own clay sculpture, for their ‘Surface’ project. Their work was inspired by the artists Peter Randall-Page, Luciana Rondolini, Kate Malone and Yayoi Kusama, as well as incorporating ideas, skills and techniques they have learnt this year.

Their clay sculptures explore form, structure, scale, pattern and texture. Students were focussing today on decorating and embellishing their work, using a wide range of marking making tools and 2D relief techniques.

Their teacher, Ms Elliot, said:

“I have been so impressed with how creative and imaginative the Year 9’s have been in their design and clay construction work. Everyone has designed and created something very different, quirky and unique, based on their own original ideas. Super work Year 9!”

Their work will now be put into the kiln and students will then glaze their clay sculptures next week.