Summer School 2016

During the summer break we welcomed a selected group of future students for a 4 day Summer School experience at Penrice Academy.

Students joining us in Year 7 took part in a range of fun and educational learning activities across four days – Science Day, Maths Day, English Day and Inspired Eden, which was run by representatives from the Eden Project. Students conducted experiments, played games, took part in sport, made pizza and produced a short scene from Romeo and Juliet, with Mr Tew. The play was performed with the help of some of our Drama students in two groups to an audience of parents in the Drama Studio. Students also made their own masks during the week to be used as props.

Mrs Spurgeon, who ran the activities, said: “The change from primary to secondary school is a big moment in everyone’s lives. This summer school allowed some of our students extra experience at Penrice to help with the transition. They all had great fun and I really look forward to seeing them again this week!”