Music at Penrice is all about young people making music, learning and having fun. Our students are enthusiastic about the learning that takes place. Making music at Penrice is challenging, rewarding and enjoyable. Our musicians make excellent progress, and enjoy themselves immensely along the way!


The department is situated within an excellent suite consisting of one acoustic instrument teaching room, one music technology teaching room, six practice rooms, and a recording studio. Each practice room is equipped with drumkit, electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and CD player.


Our students make music in Junior Orchestra, Senior Orchestra, Harmony Choir, Brass Band, Year 7 Choir, Percussion Ensemble and play a huge part in the Sound & Light Events Crew.

Year 7

Learning focuses on the musical elements: pitch, rhythm, tempo & pulse, melody, duration, structure, texture and silence. Students are assessed in three key areas: performing, composing, listening & appraising.

Year 8

In Year 8 students build on composition and performance skills learned in Year 7. Knowledge of the musical elements is now assessed through more open-ended questioning and students are expected to perform and compose longer pieces of music.

Year 9

Students in Year 9 complete 75% of the BTEC First Award. This requires them to further develop performing and composing skills and to learn how to plan and produce a concert. Evaluation and self-reflection are vital skills that will be developed and tested throughout the year.

Year 10 

In Year 10, students complete the Level 2 VCERT In Creative Studies: Music Technology. This course assess student’s knowledge and understanding of music sequencing, audio recording, live sound and composition.

Year 11

In Year 11, students learn about the UK Music Industry and the variety of roles within it. A common thread through this unit is the ways in which organisations and roles interrelate in the planning and production of music products.


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