Drama provides students with the opportunity to integrate many creative elements into a fun-filled rewarding experience accessible for all. It encompasses the Academy’s ethos of everyone included, everyone challenged and everyone successful.

Year 7 Drama

Students will be studying a variety of topics that will enable them to develop their skills in basic techniques. They will be looking at extracts from both devised and scripted sections of work and looking at how these can be interpreted differently for a watching audience. These are both important aspects of GCSE. Alongside this, students will be developing rehearsal skills that can enable them to work better as part of a team.

Year 8 Drama

Year 8 is used to develop the skills from Year 7 and to prepare them for an AQA GCSE Drama course. They will continue to look at scripted and devising work but will also be looking in more depth at relevant theatre practitioners and how their work could be used to influence their own.

Year 9 Drama

Students will begin to study the AQA GCSE Drama course. They will be looking at aspects of all three units (study of a scripted play, devising drama, scripted performance). This will include studying plays allocated from the exam board and exploring them both practically and theoretically as well as devising drama from a variety of themes and stimuli.

Year 10 Drama
Year 11 GCSE Drama

Students will continue to improve pieces from their Year 10 AQA GCSE Drama course. This gives students a chance to gain more coursework marks before taking a written exam (40% of their overall grade). The year will consist of both devising and scripted work. There will also be a very heavy focus on written examination technique and practising of exam questions.