In addition to helping students acquire subject knowledge, the GCSE Psychology specification:

  • Provides a sound understanding of methods and approaches in Psychology at an introductory level
  • illustrates these methods and approaches through various topic areas representing the core areas of social, cognitive, developmental, biological and individual differences
  • Develops investigation and report writing skills
  • Develops analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Encourages an appreciation of how science works
  • Provides a strong basis for progression to AS and A-Level Psychology one of THE most popular A-Level course in the country.

This course is fully examined, with no coursework. The Short Course covers only Unit 1; the Full Course comprises Units 1 and 2.

Feedback from students;

  • Student enjoyed the topics covered, which they find very relevant to their own lives.
  • They enjoy finding out about the science behind topics such as non-verbal communication (NVC), personality, aggression and memory.
  • It helps them to understand what is going on around them and how they can put some of the knowledge gained into practice; such as memory techniques to improve study skills, which also helps them in other subjects.
  • They enjoy doing the practical work that goes with each topic and the way it brings the subject to life and helps them to understand the research done by Psychologists.

GCSE Psychology 41800 consists of two units:

Unit 1: Making Sense of Other People, Written Paper (Examination)
Unit 2: Understanding Other People, Written Paper (Examination)

Mrs S Lawrence – Psychology Teacher (