Art and Design

Year 7 Art and Design

During Year 7 students will be introduced to variety of artists and learn how to respond analytically and practically to a theme, style or process. There will be three main projects, one per term, and each one will be accompanied by homework set once every two weeks. Each project will involve some first-hand drawing and then themes will be developed by combining artist research with skilful use of a range of media. Students will be assessed on four skills, Research, Refinement of materials and processes, observation skills and development of ideas and finally creating final pieces and reviewing their progress.

Year 8 Art and Design

During Year 8 students will study and analyse a variety of artists and learn how to extend their practical skills to a theme, style or process.

Year 9 Art and Design GCSE

Two projects will be completed this year to promote learning through drawing, sketchbook creation and experimentation with a range of media and materials.  Skills learnt in year 8 during art lessons can be built upon and applied to the theme and project that each student is creating.  Students will be encouraged to develop skills and apply their strengths and interests to project work. How to create a sketchbook will be covered and how research, experiments, samples and techniques can be created and presented in their book.  Annotation skills will also be covered along with keywords and how to analyse their own work and that of other artists.

Year 10 Art and Design GCSE

This course will introduce students to a variety of practical skills, theoretical studies and experiences. Students will explore all aspects of Art and Design. This can include drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, textiles, photography, moving image etc. During the course students will complete two units of work that explore a diverse range of two and three-dimensional media. Each unit will have a theme where students will produce a sketchbook and an individual piece of work based on that theme. All work will involve in-depth analysis and reflection, to allow students to become confident practically, orally and in writing.

Year 11 Art and Design GCSE, Graphics GCSE

Students are given a GCSE exam paper from the previous year; this unit will continue throughout the autumn term and conclude their coursework submission. Students will have a range of different titles to choose from and will pick a theme from which they can gain the most inspiration. This will be marked as their final unit of coursework. From January students will be issued with their final exam paper; developing a sketchbook around their chosen theme during the Spring term and then will complete a final piece in a 10 hour exam at the beginning of the Summer term. Students will then exhibit their final collection at the Art and Design Exhibition in May.

Year 10 Art Textiles and Art & Design
  • Autumn Term – Coursework Project 1  Close Up
  • Spring term – Complete Coursework 1 and begin PPE preparation
  • Summer term- PPE Exam Project (coursework project 2)
Year 11 AQA GCSE Art Textiles
  • Autumn Term – Completion of all coursework
  • Spring term to prepare for Final Exam – sketchbook and samples
  • Summer term Final GCSE Practical exam 10 hours