Studying History with the Army

The army have been in during the last two weeks to support our teaching of the new 9-1 GCSE, offering us their expert insight into the topics taught in History.

Year 9 students studying Medicine Through Time learnt about battlefield medicine in the First World War. They learnt about the types of injuries caused by the weapons, and how the army reacted to the new types of casualties they faced. Lsjt Steve Cortis and Cpl Rob Brown told the students about experiences they had had on the battlefield, and gave them hands on experience of using modern battlefield first aid equipment. Students were encouraged to reflect on how war has changed medicine in the 100 years since the First World War, which they are currently studying.

The rest of the year group studying Warfare Through Time learnt about modern technology and the impact it has had on modern warfare. Students got an insight into modern battle fields, the impact technology has had on warfare and learnt about the Iraq War from Csjt Tim Rowe and Sjt Ben Whitehouse.