Students Enjoy Three Days of Enrichment Activities

This week saw Years 7, 8 and 9 take part in three action-packed Enrichment Days here at Penrice.

The purpose of Penrice Enrichment Days is to teach and develop new skills in our students that they might otherwise not get to learn in traditional classroom lessons. This is all part of our mission to keep students safe and develop them into well-rounded, balanced individuals who are ready to make a positive impact in the local community and beyond.

Year 7

Over the course of three days, Year 7 enjoyed workshops on Careers, Wellbeing, Online Safety (Online Relationships) and Modern Foreign Languages – La Salsa. There were also sessions in PE, Computing and Business and Food & Nutrition. There was a visit from Solomon Theatre Company with their Time Out Production which discussed external pressures that Year 7 may face as they grow older. Finally, Mrs Donna McGrath, the schools First Aid Instructor, delivered her ever-popular Mini Medics First Aid Training, teaching students everything from CPR to the Heimlich Maneuverer.

Year 8

Year 8 explored Careers, Concepts of Substance – Caffeine, Healthy Relationships, Modern Foreign Languages – Festivals, PE, Mini Medics First Aid Training and Talk it Over (Online Hate). Ms Aimee Stevens also delivered an eye-opening workshop on the influence of Social Media on Body Image perceptions. Solomon Theatre’s Time Out Production completed the three-day itinerary.

Solomon Theatre performance at Penrice Academy

Year 9

Year 9’s line up included: YZUP (Drugs/Substances Talk), Wellbeing, Healthy Relationships, Modern Foreign Languages – The Apprentice, Solomon Theatre’s Time Out Production, PE, Computing and Business, A discussion on Sexual Health, a Mini Medics First Aid Refresher, and a Careers Workshop led by our Careers Lead, Mrs Turner.

Mrs Lorraine Turner delivering a Careers Talk on Level 3 Qualifications