Student Reviews: Midsummer

This week, Year 8 students were given the task of writing their own reviews for this term’s Whole School Play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

They had to think about all the elements of a good review – from forming an opinion and picking their favourite parts, to being fair, descriptive and interesting for the reader. You can read some extracts below.

Jasmine Taylor

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a comedy by William Shakespeare. The good point about the play is it was really funny and the music was amazing as well as the costumes. Also the acting was brilliant.

Joshua Stevenson

The opening was effective with the drums banging and with the actors and actresses stamping their feet made the atmosphere intense.  I would give the play a four star rating because the music was brilliant, the light and sound was amazing and the students that featured in it. I think the director Mr Tew did a great job!

Megan Stone

The smoke was really good because you couldn’t see what is going on until it cleared and the music was really intense with the drums and the people marching on the sides of the stage and people standing still. All the actors looked really good and they all knew their lines. A bad thing was the play was quite hard to understand.

Aimee Minear

My favourite part of the play was at the and when the actor jack “killed” himself dressed as a girl and a tennis ball fell out of his top! I didn’t want it to end. The one bad bit about it was that Mr Tew wasn’t in it! If it wasn’t for Mr Tew there wouldn’t be a good play to watch.

Blake Barnes

The play stars students at Penrice Academy and was very well directed by Mr Tew. The actors and actresses were all in top form. The lighting and stage animations were amazing. This play had great humour and was romantic. All credit to Mr Tew and Mr Jones for the music which was beautifully played by our school orchestra.

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