Student Green Team Officially Launch ‘Penrice Pre-Loved’

The Penrice Plus Green Team have officially launched our Penrice Pre-Loved Uniform Store this week, coinciding with the creation of a Penrice Pre-Loved Marketplace on Facebook.

Penrice Pre-Loved is all about giving old uniform and school equipment a new home, re-using perfectly good items and reducing carbon footprint together.

Penrice Pre-Loved is available in the following locations:

  • Our in-school Uniform Store (in the Medical Room)
  • Online, via this Facebook Marketplace page

Who can get involved?

Both the Uniform Store and the Facebook Marketplace are available to all Penrice parents/carers, including:

  • Those who wish to do their bit for the planet
  • Those who wish to earn money for old uniform
  • Those who wish to clear space in their house and offload old uniform
  • Those who may wish to donate uniform to support others
  • Those who wish to swap an existing uniform item for a different size
  • Those who are struggling to afford brand new uniform and/or second-hand uniform

The key difference between the Uniform Store and this Facebook Marketplace page is that there will be no financial transactions in the Uniform Store. The Uniform Store will only accept swapping items and donations/drop-offs, whilst also providing free uniform support.

The Launch

Matilda, Year 8 Green Team member, explained:

“Penrice Pre-Loved is a great way of sharing unwanted school items and doing the right thing for the planet. I’m really excited about this launch. The Green Team has been involved in some school projects up to now, including making bug hotels and recycling posters for the school, but this is definitely the biggest project we have taken on. We definitely feel empowered.”

Miss Forshaw
Science Teacher and Green Team Coordinator

“It is really important for our students to have ownership in the promotion of such a school initiative. It is vital that we save things from going into landfill that are otherwise in perfectly useable condition. Furthermore, it will save people money and the clothes donations are in really good condition.

Our green team is constantly growing – we are getting a bigger and better team every year. It is important that we promote our green values not just within the Green Team, but to the whole school.”

Final Words

We hope that parents find both the Pre-Loved Uniform Store and the Pre-Loved Marketplace useful moving forward.

The Pre-Loved Uniform Store will undoubtedly rely on the continued generosity of the Penrice community and any donations will be gratefully accepted.*

*Please ensure that uniform donations are cleaned and dry before drop off at the school gates.

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