STEM vs Arts!

Pictured: The team interviews Dr Nason

Six year 7 students- Erin, Aaliyah, Emily, Emily, Chelsea and Bethany- have designed a report about the importance of STEM research and why we need it.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. When asked, the Penrice News Reporters said they preferred studying Science based subject over Arts based subjects. However, when asked about careers, more students expressed their desire to be actors than scientists.

Aaliyah and Erin say: “This report was made to show the importance of STEM. We were inspired to look into this from our careers week assembly, where Dr Nason spoke to Y7 students highlighting the important aspects of STEM work and the various careers STEM based subjects offer.”

STEM Specialist

As part of the report, the students had the opportunity to interview Dr Nason, Director of Science at Cornwall College regarding his interest in STEM. students. He replied by saying

Aaliyah:  Why do you think it’s important to have a STEM club for student?

Dr Nason: STEM club is an amazing opportunity to have some fun.

Emily: Why do you think there should be more scientists?

Dr Nason: It gives you a good salary and because everyone is living longer then there is more pressure on scientists to come up with cures.

Chelsea: Do you have any advice for people who don’t particularly want to be a scientist?

Dr Nason: The job of a scientist helps you travel round the world and make a difference.

Emily:  What inspired you to be a scientist?

Dr Nason:  It secondary school science teacher (Mr Ryans) inspired me the most. It was important that he showed me where science can take you.I was always interested but my. He was very supportive and did lots of fun things.

Erin: How long have you been working in science at Cornwall College?

Dr Nason: I have been working at Cornwall collage for a year and a half but I have been working in science for twenty years. Then I went to university and studied discology, then I went into research about how to rescue/ restore damaged habitats- such as tin mine. It was then when I decided to go into teaching and I’ve been teaching in some shape or form for ten years.

In Education

It was reported recently that Nicky Morgan, the Secretary of Education, argued that STEM based subjects were more beneficial than Arts based subjects in terms of students future.

The students at Penrice Academy, decided to debate this by asking two teachers, with very different specialties, their views on STEM vs Arts.

Video of Mr Tew vs Mr Round (to come!)

Student’s views

This is what some of our Year 8 students, who have recently picked their GCSE subject options, think:


  • Ambition: Vet for Exotic animals so STEM subjects are vital for her to achieve her dream, although she too enjoys Art subjects
  • Subjects she opted for: Spanish, Art and Photography, History and Drama
  • Subjects she opted out of: Computer Science, Geography and French


  • Ambition: Chef so both STEM and Art subjects are important for her to achieve her career choice
  • Subjects she opted for: French, Catering and Tourism and Product Design
  • Subjects she opted out of: History, Geography and Spanish


  • Ambition: Artist so both STEM and Art subjects are equally as important for him to achieve his dream
  • Subjects she opted for: Geography, Computer Science and Art and Photography
  • Subjects she opted out of: History, Spanish and French