Star Students: Talking about the EU

This week as part of BBC School Report, Mock Election students Kordelia, Bella and Daisy focussed on one of the most prominent stories in the UK media at the moment – the EU Referendum.

In preparation for the day, the girls approached our local MP, Steve Double, to ask him for his thoughts on Britain leaving the EU, and Mr Double kindly replied with an official letter from Westminster.

Kordelia Major from Year 8 explains: “We’re all really interested in this subject, it’s great. We find that not many young people are thinking about the EU and the way the changes are going to affect them – so this really helps explain. I’m really pleased Mr Double took the time to help us too, as we’re aware he’s very very busy!”

As well as being part of last year’s Mock Election, this is Kordelia’s second BBC School Report and she said the two of them are great to combine.

“When it comes to politics, I like how the parties represent themselves; I find it really interesting seeing their ideas and watching the conflicting parties argue their points. I love presenting the stories and informing people on the different subjects, while also researching and learning about them myself.”

You can read Kordelia, Bella and Daisy’s piece on the EU here.

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