Star Students: 100% Attendance

This week’s Star Students are those who have gained 100% in their time so far at Penrice Academy.

Congratulations to: Dan Watkins, Ben Webley, Sophie Dowrick, Liam Best, Frazer Natalie, Lauren Knight, Ben Williamson, Eleanor Cook, Travis Colwell-Sharp, Jamie Dyke, Samuel Cornell, Ryan Ferkin, Max Hamley, Connie Hawthorne, Jolie Kendall, Ben Lewis, Kenneth Menear, Alex Rogers, Abigail Rosario, Georgie Soper, Morgan Squire and Chloe Wooldridge.

Get it right to win a bike!

Each year a growing number of students gain 100% attendance.  Penrice Academy has partnered with PaveVelo bikes in St Austell to award prizes for students who achieve 100% attendance in a year. The students will be entered for a draw and the winners will visit PaveVelo, where they will be able to choose a Saracen bike to be personalised to their colour and size. They will also receive a bag of goodies including a helmet and lights.

Mr Wood said: “The real prize for outstanding attendance is that students tend to be much happier at school and establish excellent friendships. There is a strong link both at Penrice between outstanding attendance and excellent progress.”

The chart below is based on GCSE results at Penrice.

Attendance Chart

Absence Matters

93% sounds great as a test result.  For attendance, 93% is a serious concern.  Turn attendance on its head and think about absence.; 93% attendance is 7% absence.

7% absence and 66.5 hours learning time are missed. Absence, for whatever reason, damages a student’s chances of making good friendships and making progress. The chart shows that if parents can guide their child to come to school regularly, their chances of gaining good qualification increase.

If you are concerned about your child’s absence or for more information, please contact their tutor.